Our Story

Uriel’s Auto Repair & Sales is the quintessence of achieving the American Dream. In 2011, Alberto De la cruz immigrated to America from Mexico. He left behind a crumbling economy and dilapidated lifestyle in search for a better future. Initially, he settled in Washington where he was employed as a mechanic. However, Alberto felt that his industry was not living to a high standard. He moved to Ohio to re-unite with his family, and open a family-owned and operated automotive repair shop. Ideals, such as honesty, reliability, and quality service are the pillars of his operation.

The automotive shop has humble beginnings. Alberto’s first location was in a garage that had no car lifts, fit only one car at a time, and was shared with another independent mechanic. His reputation as a genuine individual who stood behind his workmanship quickly earned him the respect of his community. His customer base rapidly expanded and he was forced to move to a larger garage to provide quality service. In 2016, he had to relocate once more to a bigger location to accommodate his clients’ needs and to expand his business to include car sales. Alberto and his family hope that Uriel’s Auto Repair & Sales serves as model for all who desire to accomplish their version of the American Dream.