Alberto’s life story is one of full of sacrifice, hardship, and passion. At the end of 2010, he obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree from the Technical College of Automotive Engineering. The following year, Alberto immigrated from Mexico City with the hope of achieving the American Dream. He escaped a region riddled with crime, a failing economy, and high unemployment rate. Also, he was a victim of an assault. These circumstances provided the impetus for his desire to build a better future. He left all he had known—his extended family, home, and friends to work as a mechanic’s apprentice in Washington. In 2012, he re-united with his immediate family in Cincinnati, Ohio. The support Alberto received from his family allowed him to establish his vision of an automotive shop that was for his community. Uriel’s Auto Repair & Sales represents all the amazing qualities that make Alberto a genuine and outstanding individual. His passion for cars, family, and the community shine through his business.